About Keith "Maggie" Brown

I am a PhD student in Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas-Denton. I began my vocation through a nine year apprenticeship with my mentor, Richard M. Owsley. I can be found around Denton troubling students and professors about this and that. A fringe scholar wandering the borderlands between the Academy and the World, I love the hell out of Socrates and Yoda while tending to act like William S. Burroughs and Jaba the Hut. My current projects include studies of the Dào Dé Jing, the intersection of Karl Jaspers' periechontology with Tarot, and the challenge of queering existential hermeneutics.


The things I really care about tend to fall between the cracks: the process philosophies of thinkers like  Bergson and Whitehead; the continued existence of environmentally rich places like the Big Thicket; as well as the connections between philosophy & the environment and its fate.

These provide the excuses for the present website, which, if it consists primarily of the curriculum vitae of one Pete Gunter, has at least the merit of presenting articles, reviews, and books on process philosophy, the Big Thicket, and philosophy of the environment; items which can shed light on innumerable contemporary practical and cultural problems.

That all this has implications for the arts (e.g. literature & music) is, I hope, obvious.