Presumably philosophy is beyond the bothersome necessities of economics & politics. Plato’s myth of the cave casts a vivid light on this notion… Continue Reading

Henri Bergson

The philosophy of Henri Bergson rests on two fundamental notions: intuition and duration. Duration (encountered in ourselves as the “stream of consciousness”) is rhythmic, ongoing, and quantitative. It resists mathematical, clocklike description and exhibits fundamental spurts of creativity. (Hence, it exhibits unpredictability in principle). Intuition, his second basic principle, is for him a direct, unmediated awareness of duration: an immersion in our inner experience which, though immanent in the flow, remains reflective… Continue Reading

UNT Philosophy

In March of 1969 Professor Richard M. Owsley urged me to apply for the position of chairman of the soon to be formed philosophy department at North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas). Previously, philosophy had been a small group of professors without a collective identity, shuffled from one department to another (English to Sociology to History; Tinkers to Evers to Chance)… Continue Reading